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If your business is trading across borders, then you need to stay in-the-know on the regulations and global trade trends that are vital to international success. In today’s complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, managing cross-border shipping is increasingly complicated. Addressing changes to regulations up front ensures that your company can expand into international markets effectively, while maintaining a supply chain that is smart, efficient and compliant.

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Lastest Issue 2015/08
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Falter During Critical Stage
  • Reauthorization Of GSP Duty Reductions Effective July 29, 2015
  • Mexico Postpones Enforcement of New Import Document Requirements Until Sept. 1
  • Sluggish Exports Widen US Trade Gap In May
  • WTO Members Slash Tariffs On Over $1 Trillion Worth Of IT Products
  • Egypt's New Suez Canal Ready For Business
  • Study: Despite Stronger Dollar, US Manufacturing Costs Remain Highly Competitive
  • Cybersecurity Is Like An "Iceberg," What's Below The Waterline Poses The Most Risk
  • India Takes Steps To Speed Up Customs Clearances
  • Europe: EU's Agri-food Exports Comprise 7.2 Percent Of Trade With Third Countries
  • Asia: China's Exports Reverse Three-month Decline
  • LatAm: Bolivia Joins Mercosur Trade Bloc
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